The Kokanee Myth

If you look over the bridge to just take a peek.

You may see Kokannee Salmon running up little Moores Creek.
For quite sometime this fish has been on my list,
A good time to see them is around mid-August.
I went to many anglers to get some advice,
And they all told me, “you better think twice.
“This time of the year these fish will not eat.
If you plan to fish for them be prepared for defeat.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me, there’s nothing I can make?
There’s got to be something that these fish will take.”
“I have a few boxes of flies I have tied?”
“You can go ahead and try them, but you’ll just get denied.”
“I don’t believe it, I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree,
You know what the problem is… these fish haven’t met me.”
We arrived late at Moores Creek,
And we saw something quite unique.
Crowded up in a pool near the shore
Were red Kokanee salmon… 50 or more!
Waders, rods, tippet and line were put together in haste.
After all it was nearing dusk and there was no time to waste.
Gear in hand we got to the river in somewhat of a rush,
Scampering like squirrels through the thicket and brush.
All the fish sitting there brought on a lot of tension.
I’ll tie this little red thing on, that should get their attention.
A long time has gone by, a bite was long overdue,
Perhaps I have met my match and the myth is true?
These fish won’t bite, I say with a frown.
Just as I said it, my indicator went down.
Like lightning, whip back! I set the hook,
And I knew right away a fish had took.
It exploded into action swimming and fighting.
The flashes of red made it very exciting.
It’s jumping and splashing, holy toledo!
And rocketing around like a little torpedo.
I brought it in close enough to put it in my net,
But its tail came up and splashed me and got me all wet.
It wants to keep fighting, this red fish is tough
Its been going for 10 minutes, surely it has had enough!
Onlookers are waiting with great anticipation.
And when I landed the fish there were cheers of celebration.

This fish is so slippery it’s hard to get a grip,
Look here I hooked it right in the upper lip.
What a bizarre looking fish, it has a prehistoric head
And its back has a hump that is bright cherry red.
These fish swim up the stream when the water gets cold
And they change color to spawn, or so I am told.
Then this one better get going, it has lady-fish to pursue.
Goodbye bright red fish; it was nice to meet you.

12 thoughts on “The Kokanee Myth

  1. ptaendler says:

    Onchorynchus … genus of fish in the family Salmonidae.. 😉

  2. Mike McLean says:

    A Classic Poem! Well done, Erik. I'll save this one forever.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Went up to that spot last night Erik, the water levels are starting to drop, and the only thing we saw was some small rainbows in the deeper pools. There's also another good spot a little further up the road that we have fished before…

    A couple of anglers stopped by and asked if we had seen any at all, and we told them not so far, they had been looking as well, so you may have been blessed with some of the only Kokanee in that area for this season…

    Good Poem…


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