The Fly Fisherman

The Fly Fisherman by Erik Moncada
If you ask me there is no bad time to fish.
I’ll go if it’s hot, cold, rain, or snow, whatever Mother Nature can dish.

I have flies from A to Zebra-midge stuffed in my box,
And the security around them is that of Fort Knox.
The urge to fish hits as hard as a bag of cement.
And it will happen at the worst of times, which is pure torment!
Like when driving long distance I come across a lake, river, or stream,
And my face lights up like a kid getting ice cream.

Ooh, look! A perfect run along the riverbank amongst the trees,
It’s a good thing I keep a spare rod in the back for just such emergencies.

While regular people are posting pictures of themselves at play,
I’m posting pictures of the catch of the day.

My goal is to catch rainbows and browns, heck every type of trout,
And I’m sure I’ll get every one, I have no doubt.

I will hike over eight miles and do whatever it takes!
Just to get the golden trout high up in the alpine lakes.
I’ll fish in waters that are rough, tough, chill, and still,
In countries like England, New Zealand, Belize, and Brazil.
I’ll be sure to have every type of fly because I take no chances.
And the number of fish I catch definitely enhances.
There is no length I won’t reach to help better my odds.
That includes getting down on one knee and praying to the fishing gods.
I buy the most fashionable gear, which includes my trim hat,
I might as well look good; doesn’t everybody do that?

Polarized glasses, waders, and fly rods; I only get the best!
And this white casting shirt will look good with my vest.
Whether I’m fishing for white fish, trout, or yellow perch,
I will look good for the fish like I’m going to church.
I care for the river, the rocks, and for anything that will rise.
I even have respect for the smallest may flies.
Fish have feelings too you know, to treat them badly would be unfair,
Which is why every time I go fishing I always style my hair.
Sure there are weeds to pull and a yard of grass to mow,
I’ll get to that after I watch this advanced still-water fly fishing show.
My favorite is fishing with spin casters standing on the shore,
And they get really jealous when I’m bringing in more.
Getting looks from kids and adults is normal I suppose,
“What are you using for bait?”  Is the question they pose.
A hopper with a copper dropper, size 18 with a little bead head,
Followed by the look of uncertainty, having no clue what I just said.
But they play it off with a smile and a thankful nod,
Maybe they will learn from this experience, and get a fly rod.

I’ll continue to fish ‘til I’m old and gray,
And when the day comes when I pass away,
Think of me when you’re skunked on the river and feeling outdone,
Know if I were there, I would have caught one.

7 thoughts on “The Fly Fisherman

  1. Unknown says:

    Fun read Erik. For some reason it made me think of dueling fisherman there at the end. Maybe we should have casting duels. Soak hookless flies in paint, then 20 paces turn and cast, first caster to hit a vital spot with paint wins.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gosh ! It would take too long to top that one …( Dad )
    I guess I should say " Good Job "…I guess ! ?


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