The Rocky Ford Creek

The Rocky Ford Creek
by Erik Moncada
You may think of me as a fly fishing geek,
But I bet you’ve never fished the Rocky Ford Creek.

As soon as you pull up, you’ll just stop and stare.
The water’s so clear and the fish are right there!

LOOK! There’s one now, swimming by the bank.
It’s not a fish small at all – it’s as big as a TANK!

You run back to the car and throw on your gear.
You’ll be so excited you’ll forget to drink a beer.
You’ll dive in your box and pick the perfect fly
To catch a fish with, well at least you will try…
Even on the perfect presentation your fly gets rejected.
You’re at the Rocky Ford Creek, that should be expected.

Cast after cast the fish aren’t biting – it just isn’t fair!
Calm down fisherman stop pulling your hair.
All you need is a fly these fish haven’t seen.
I think I have one, if you know what I mean.

You present to the fish a shiny pico spider.
SLAM goes the fish… Whoa this one’s a fighter!

This fish is huge, it doesn’t want to come in.
You say this, of course, with a big-old-white-grin.
The fish is fighting forever, it seems like all day.
Oh please don’t break off, is something you pray.
Pulling in your fish with your rod at a bend,
And landing the fish with the help of a friend.
Holy Cow! This is the biggest rainbow I’ve ever seen.
With colors of chrome, red, and white, with deep emerald green.
We need to measure it while it’s on shore.
But my measuring tape only goes to 24!
It’s bigger than that; this fish is a charm!
There’s only one way to measure it and… IT’S AS LONG AS MY ARM!
Get it back into the water that way it can breathe.
Whip Whap and Splash! I guess it’s time for it to leave.

Off speeds the fish like a shot from a gun.
We extend our hand of a job well done.
After this day my friend became a geek,
But that’s what you get for fishing Rocky Ford Creek.

5 thoughts on “The Rocky Ford Creek

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've decided to grant you a wish
    at rocky ford creek you must fish
    if you want to be happy and free
    you just leave all the poetry to me…( Dad )


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