About Erik Moncada

The scenarios I get myself into just to catch a fish can be down right stupid and dangerous at times. However, when I find myself in said situation, I easily slip into the mindset of, “well I’m already here, so I may as well make a cast…” making it apparent that I love fishing, and specifically fly fishing.

I am a stay at home dad to my two boys, Mason and Cruz. Right now both of my kids are at an age where they think everything I do is amazing: fly fishing, underwater fish photography, foraging for mushrooms, and fly tying.

My wife, Jessica (Gracy), is the Director of Quality Improvement for the Idaho State Department of Juvenile Corrections. During her weekends she takes over with the kids, offering me the opportunity to teach, guide, or just fish.

I was born in Burley, Idaho, and after a few months of life I was moved to Washington. Now I can’t say for certain, but when my parents were driving me out of Idaho, I bet there was some kicking and screaming going on. 

I grew up in Washington, and therefore consider the small town of Moses Lake my hometown. After earning my Associate’s degree at Big Bend Community College I moved back to Idaho to attend Boise State University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communications. In Idaho is where I discovered fly fishing, and after graduation I put my hard-earned degree to use in a local fly shop. 

I dove deep into the local fly fishing community, becoming part of local organizations and nonprofits that used fly fishing as a means to educate and heal. 

Becoming a stay at home dad took more time away from my previous life than I ever thought it could, and in order to truly focus on my new life with children I stepped back from community positions I was chairing at the time.  

I am still a stay home dad, but on the weekends I use my skills as a fly fishing guide/instructor and/or underwater photographer as a way to contribute financially to my family. Being able to balance my love for my family and for the outdoors the way that I have helps me to be a better father. My happiness extends to my kids, allowing me to focus on what they love so that I can nourish their interests just as I have done for myself.