Learn To Fly Fish

Casting Lessons

$60 an hour

All casting lesson are done on grass and a fly rod will be provided if needed, however it is always best to learn with your own equipment.  As a beginner I have devised a method of teaching a basic cast that increases in difficulty while you progress with the technique. The goal is for you to walk away with newly found confidence in your ability to cast a fly rod.

Lessons are not limited to the basic cast. Increasing accuracy, reach casting, single hauling, and double hauling are all advanced casting techniques that will add to your ability to adapt in most fly fishing scenarios.  

It’s pretty typical to get your basic cast down in one hour.

Euro Nymphing

$350 4 Hour 1/2 day on the Boise River

European-style nymphing is a generally American term for the French, Czech, Polish, and Spanish styles of tight-line-nymphing. Knowing the elements of each approach will add to your abilities in almost any scenario on the water. Furthermore, my approach is not limited to competition rules. I use the techniques that have been deemed too effective and eliminated from competition, and apply them to my own teachings to help you be the most effective anglers on the water. This course should only take, but is not limited to, one hour on the water. Euro leader not included. 

Learn to fly fish on the water

$350 4 Hour 1/2 day on the Boise River

This approach can seat off with a simple casting lesson but then moves to the water. I limit this on the water experience to two people. For this lesson you will need an Idaho fishing license, which is not included.  It is always best to learn with your own equipment, however if you need a fly rod and waders they can be provided for an additional renting fee supplied by a local fly shop. 

I have a real passion for helping new anglers understand the sport of fly fishing, along with a willingness to adapt quickly in order to catch fish with a fly rod. With over ten years of experience teaching fly fishing, I have found that the best way to learn this sport is on the water. I would like to open your eyes to a variety of tactics used to catch fish so that when approaching a new stretch of water you will have confidence and the ability to apply your new skills to be successful on the water. My focus for you will not be to catch fish, but to spend time sharpening a variety of skills such as casting, dry fly approach and presentation, water loading, streamer fishing, wading, learning the etiquette on the water, and more… Plan for three to four hours for this lesson.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you give me the opportunity to teach you on the water.